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I never had a yearning to go to Hawaii simply because I imagined it being an overhyped tourist destination from what I have read about the islands. However, Alex always talked about how much he loved traveling Hawaii when growing up and it’s one of his favorite destinations in the world. I decided to give […]

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India was not on top of my or Alex’s bucket list. Shortly after Alex and I got married, Alex’s best man at our wedding proposed to his then lovely Indian girlfriend a month later. Very soon afterwards, we received an invitation to their wedding in New Delhi, India. We were initially going to say “no” […]

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After ten wonderful days in Patagonia, Alex and I flew north to Santiago and first went to Valparaiso, the third largest city in Chile, to experience Chilean culture and spent two days exploring the city. Valparaiso, the third largest city in Chile, is known for its colorful clifftop homes with many murals on buildings. It […]

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After spending lovely time on the Argentine side of Patagonia, Alex and I crossed over to Chile to the other side of the Andes mountains and spent a few days at Torres del Paine National Park. Over the course of three days, we walked over 30,000 steps and 10 miles to see the natural wonders […]

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One day while staying at Nipebo Aike, Alex and I were going to go kayaking at Perito Moreno Glacier but due to strong winds, it was cancelled at the last minute. As we were already brought to Perito Moreno Glacier, Alex and I took a lovely walk by the glaciers instead. One of the very […]