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While every culture has its own unique set of fashion, suits are integral garments in every culture.  When men go to work, go for an interview, or have a meeting with important people, many around the world wear business suits that consists of a blazer, pants, collar shirt and a tie.  Leaders such as Barack […]

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Kids’ lives are majorly influenced by materials surrounding them.  Girls are engrossed in beautifying themselves as nail polish and princess-like accessories such as plastic crowns exist in stores for them to purchase.  An overwhelming number of brand names exist for kids to choose, giving them opportunities to compete in showing off their ownership of big […]

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Today, I came across an article on CNN.com speaking about how Europeans will have the right to choose which internet browser to use on their Windows computers rather than Microsoft’s very own Internet Explorer.  This article reminds me of one of the major cultural differences in Europe and the US – corporations in the US […]