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Dear Peace Corps and Cameroon, Thank you for the most incredible two years filled with treasures and happiness in spite of experiencing teary and challenging moments. It’s a chapter in my life that will always be retold again and again for years to come. Signed, Rachel Returned Peace Corps Volunteer – My service will still […]

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Peace Corps was a living dream.  The regular activities of Cameroon is now a memory.  It’s so surreal that I lived a life riding a motorcycle through the chaotic streets of no traffic lights and through the lush green mountainous countryside.  I was surrounded by people walking with big buckets and baskets on top of […]

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On the day I closed my service, this past Thursday, I received an award at the U.S. Embassy from U.S. Ambassador to Cameroon Michael Hoza for my work with persons with disabilities during my Peace Corps service. Peace Corps Cameroon Deputy Director told me that for a PCV to receive an award from a U.S. […]

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“Wandering into the heart of the mountains, we find a new world,” – John Muir Two years ago, I was on a bus heading into the heart of the mountains of Cameroon.  Even though I had already been living in Cameroon for two and half months prior to move to my permanent post for two […]

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Take a tour of my home in Bamenda where I lived for two years for Peace Corps.