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A couple months ago, I brought a pair of adorable and very comfortable moccasins on Etsy.  What’s so great about these moccasins like the red jacket I also purchased from Etsy is that I knew who took the time to design, manufacture, and package the product.  There was a power of a direct link between […]

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Last Friday, a package from Vancouver, Canada, arrived at my doorstep.  It was a custom-made jacket that I ordered from a shop on Etsy a month ago.  Holding the beautiful jacket in the color I personally chose, red, made me feel connected not only to the jacket itself but the woman behind the item.  The […]

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As the sun rose above the mountains of the Luberon region, a region in Provence, wind bringing in a fresh breeze drifted through the narrow streets where open air markets stand every Saturday morning .    I went up to a vendor and on this table with blue leather cloth over it, there were beautiful […]