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Prior to joining the Peace Corps, I worked for a non-profit organization full-time for two years. I made a policy not to friend any of my colleagues on Facebook while I was working at the organization. I had nothing to hide on Facebook. I just wanted to set clear boundaries between my professional and personal […]

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Watching this video that went viral at the end of 2012, “2012: What Brought Us Together” really struck a cord.  “Why were so many images recognizable?” I thought for a second while watching the video.  I quickly realized it was because I saw many of them on YouTube and online news sites.  Many of images […]

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Before I go into details about the power of social media to create an impact, I want to share some statistics. About 1 billion people in the world live with disabilities.  That’s about 14 percent of the world’s population.  Of those 1 billion people, 275 million have hearing loss.  We’re talking about any form of […]

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Every other year, Cochlear Americas hosts a conference known as Cochlear Celebration. The goal of the conference is to provide their customers support for the products they sell, cochlear implants and baha, and also living with hearing loss and also give customers the opportunity to meet and talk with staff in person. The sessions provide […]

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For one of the Facebook pages I manage, Cochlear Implant Online, I set a goal in November to reach 4,000 likes.  On November 1st, we had 3,559 likes.  Cochlear Implant Online is merely an online resource for cochlear implants.  Cochlear implant is a surgically implanted devices that allows profoundly deaf people hear almost like a […]