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It often takes creative minds to change the design of materials or the landscape without changing the function in order to lure people into using the material or the space more effectively.  A group of people redesign the staircase at a subway station to attract people to walking up and down the stairs than to […]

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Nestled in the basement of Museum of London, is an extraordinary exhibit called “London Futures,” which is being held from October 1, 2010 until March 6, 2011.  Illustrators, Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones, created a series of photographic images of what London could become in hundreds of years down the road as long as if […]

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Several years ago, a group of friends raved about IKEA.  At that time, I never shopped there.  They said it’s THE place to shop for college dorm and also for great stylish furniture at incredible deals.  Moreover, they said it’s a Swedish store and so, I thought since it’s perhaps not a ‘Made-in-China’ store, I […]

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I recently arrived in London where I will be pursuing my graduate studies.  As I was walking on the campus of University College London (UCL) for the first time a few days ago, some of the first objects struck me the most were trashcans.  These black, rectangular-shape trashcans with a pyramid on the top have […]

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Jason Clay, vice-president of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), presents brilliant strategic plans to convince mega corporations to go sustainable. He identified the top 15 commodities that pose the biggest threats to the places that have the top biodiversity because of deforestation, water use, over-fishing, soil loss, and pesticide use. Then he identified the top 100 […]