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Remember those days when we wanted to make copies of documents, we had to take them to an office center or the time before we many of us were born, documents were copied by hand.  Nowadays, we have little copy machines known as scanners in our homes.  CAD printers also known as 3D printers can […]

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The Coming of Age in Second Life by Tom Boellstorff is not just for those who are tech geeks or gamers.  When I started reading the book, I first thought that doing anthropological field work in Second Life was tacky.  I couldn’t imagine the idea of sitting in front of a computer and immersing myself […]

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I am hearing lately that iPhones are not lasting too long and they break easily.  Whose fault is it?  Customers or the company?  The writer of an article in New York Times, Electronics Designer Struggle with Form, Function and Obsolescence, questions it. I think it’s a combination of both.  Americans, in general, enjoy having an […]

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While this article on how we can help progressive journalism speaks about how we can ensure that we are receiving accurate information in the news, and how we can find progressive news in spite of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck having big powers to exploit the news media, one part of the article struck me […]

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I came across this neat video at Kimberly Christen’s blog, Long Road, on students’ thoughts on whether it is OK to use Wikipedia as a source for research or not. What is interesting about the video is that it states that professors tell students not to use Wikipedia as one of their sources even though […]