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Jason Clay, vice-president of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), presents brilliant strategic plans to convince mega corporations to go sustainable. He identified the top 15 commodities that pose the biggest threats to the places that have the top biodiversity because of deforestation, water use, over-fishing, soil loss, and pesticide use. Then he identified the top 100 […]

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Chris Jordan continues to shock me.  His eye-catching lecture with TED.com and his photographs blow me away.  He is one true fighter in creating awareness of how we are living today in our culture.  Without any doubts, his visual presentation is much more powerful than just reading the numbers and statistics. Jordan hits the spot […]

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Oil. This one particular commodity greatly impacts many landscapes around the world. Edward Burtynsky, the man behind the film, Manufactured Landscape, studied how oil impacts the world from celebrating how oil has given us ability to travel from one place to another to suffering from the mass destruction of the environment.  Besides photographing the lives […]