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Music gives more than just sounds to our ears.  Musical instruments are vital materials in many cultures.  They bring in people together to festivities and rituals.  They create profound impact on people.  Many children gain greater confidence in themselves when they learn to play music and sometimes their behavioral issues do change too.  Even children […]

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Blank Check, a Walt Disney movie starring Brian Bonsall, is surely a stupid American comedy and thriller film revolving around a kid who pulls the greatest schemes; however, as I think deeper about the storyline of the film, there are some anthropological aspects in the film involving material culture.  Americans in general are so hungry […]

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The other day, in my anthropology course, Language, Culture & Society, a student gave a presentation on women’s desire to shop.  She mentioned the film Confessions of a Shopaholic.  I thought, “I need to see that film!”  So, that night, I went on Netflix, and watched the film online.  Even though this film is a […]

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While the US is often viewed as a materialistic country, which I do believe is true, there is one issue regarding materialism that I think most countries around the world face, which is the poor treatments of the factory workers.  Whether we are materialistic or not, we still have to own products to meet the […]