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Remember those days when we wanted to make copies of documents, we had to take them to an office center or the time before we many of us were born, documents were copied by hand.  Nowadays, we have little copy machines known as scanners in our homes.  CAD printers also known as 3D printers can […]

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If money wasn’t a factor, I’d be on the plane right now to visit Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, Massachusetts to see an exhibit that will be there until February 2011 called Material World: Sculpture to Environment. Here is the Press Release on the exhibition: (North Adams, MA) Beginning April 24, 2010, […]

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Today, the writer of an article on Huffington Post, I Shop Therefore I Am: Can Objects Make Us Happy? explores how materials influence our feelings.  The biggest point the writer made is that objects are not merely served to be functional, but also to give us sentiments.  Dylan Kendall, the writer, provides a good example […]

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“They say you can’t judge by its book cover, but that doesn’t mean a good book cover doesn’t have something to say.” – Photo caption on CNN While we certainly should not determine if the story will be good or not if we judge by the book cover, the book cover and the title are […]

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Puma, a shoe company, created a “clever little bag” to replace shoe boxes to help change the world for the better.  According to the article I came across, Puma’s redesigned shoebox will consume much less waste: “Puma claims that this new design will save about 8,500 tons of paper, 20 million Mega joules of electricity, […]