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This past week, I was in Yaounde not to only see my love, Alex, who I had not seen in two months, but also his mom, Judy, who traveled from the US to Cameroon to get a taste of our life in Cameroon.  Seeing Alex and his mom reunite for the first time in a […]

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My work has never left behind since I departed Cameroon three weeks ago.  The spirit of Peace Corps has been following me everywhere in America. “What are food like in Cameroon?” said my dad. “What kind of work are you exactly doing in Cameroon?” said my grandmother. “Has it been hot in Cameroon?” said my aunt. […]

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In a little village, on my fourth day in Cameroon, a young man came up to me and said, “Do you have a husband?” “No,” I said. “Can I have your phone number?” “I don’t know my phone number, “ I lied. About an hour later, as I walked around the little village, my host […]