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This is a photo essay showing a window of 12 hours of the world in which I lived for the past two years.  Bamenda is a wild and chaotic city with an environment that is so different from the one in which I grew up. This project was inspired by a photo assignment I did […]

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During the last seven months of my Peace Corps service, I am featuring photographs and stories of several persons with disabilities living in Cameroon. All the photos are part of a series called “Persons with Disabilities of Cameroon.” The goal of presenting photographs and their stories is to create better awareness about the plights that […]

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Two days after when Muslims end their about 30 days of fasting and have their big feast, which is known as End of Ramadan, some towns in Cameroon, in particular those with large Muslim populations in the Grand North region, host an occasion called “Fantasia.”  It’s an event when community members from the town and […]

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One year ago, I wrote a post on how persons with disabilities are denied access to water.  In honor of World Water Day, I would like to share some exciting updates on how one gentleman is making water more accessible for persons with disabilities who have no indoor plumbing in their homes. Before I share […]

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While many women and I have shared our voice about women issues at home in the United States, I believe that our voice hasn’t been as well heard as it should be. I should say that I didn’t realize that we have not been so vocal about women issues until coming to Cameroon, especially seeing […]