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Kids’ lives are majorly influenced by materials surrounding them.  Girls are engrossed in beautifying themselves as nail polish and princess-like accessories such as plastic crowns exist in stores for them to purchase.  An overwhelming number of brand names exist for kids to choose, giving them opportunities to compete in showing off their ownership of big […]

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Coffee.  Tea.  Hot chocolate.  Cappuccino.  All of these drinks are more than just drinks.  They provide us access to many things depending on our culture.  Coffee is key to helping to get us to work in the mornings.  Tea alleviates illness or presents wealth and prosperity.  Hot chocolate replaces the heating machine for our bodies.  […]

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How do we define happiness?  Believe or not, the definition of happiness varies from one country to another country.  Qataris from the Middle East believe that money is the gateway to true happiness where they go for elite first class on planes where they expect to be treated like kings and queens.  Swiss believe that […]

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Seeing Toyota’s Prius commercials, which glamorize its innovation in creating a car that helps conserve the environment sure does make us want to own the car.  Yes, Toyota’s Prius is better than many other cars for the environment.  However, we have to look beyond the car itself.  We also need to look inside the company. […]

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I’m just an American student at a random art school who is about to obtain a BA in photography and to take a journey of becoming an anthropologist by planning to attend UCL this fall for MA in Material and Visual Culture.  For the past five years, I’ve been traveling around the world where I’ve […]