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Receiving the news about the loss of Ted Kennedy last summer hit me and my family hard.  We valued in this man because he was the lion of the senate who fought for so many issues including the civil rights and the right to have access to health care.  In his book, True Compass, there […]

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Blank Check, a Walt Disney movie starring Brian Bonsall, is surely a stupid American comedy and thriller film revolving around a kid who pulls the greatest schemes; however, as I think deeper about the storyline of the film, there are some anthropological aspects in the film involving material culture.  Americans in general are so hungry […]

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When I first boarded the Air France plane in 2006, I noticed that the seats were old-looking and filthy.  There were stains and tears.  This scene was a major contrast to what I’ve always seen on American planes.  The seats on American planes were normally new-looking, clean, and tear-free. Then, when I arrived in France […]