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Shortly after I arrived in Bamenda almost two years ago, I showed Hilda and Ruth how to make pizza.  Last month, I showed Hilda how to make brownies.  Hilda asked me to show her again how to make Americans’ two beloved dishes and also teach her friends.  So, I came to her house this past […]

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Hilda Bih invited me to her home to teach me how to make peanut butter soup, a Cameroonian dish, which is actually known as groundnut soup.  Peanuts, which is also known as groundnuts, are very commonly found in Cameroon.  Unlike in the US, they’re not used as spreads but instead they’re used in different ways […]

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Antonia invited me once again to her home to teach me how to make another Cameroonian traditional dish.  Cameroon is often known as the breadbasket of west central Africa region.  The country grows a wide variety of vegetables and raise variety of animals.  In a good part of the country, it’s very easy to make […]

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Koke is one of my most favorite Cameroonian dishes.  It’s a dinner version of a flan or cake.  It has soft and moist texture, and the taste melts in my mouth.  It can also be very nutritious depending on which ingredients one uses.  Koke originated from Meme and Indian division of Southwest region. A Cameroonian […]

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Alex and I, being foodies, signed up for a cooking class at Avli, a restaurant that also has a hotel where we stayed for four nights in Rethymnon, Crete.  The cooking class was one of the highlights of our trip to Crete. Katerina, the owner of the hotel, gave us a private cooking lesson. She was […]