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Yesterday, Antonia, the mother of a child with Down Syndrome and an incredible advocate for all people with Down Syndrome and other persons with disabilities, and I traveled to Kumbo, the second largest town in the Northwest region located about two hours from Bamenda by car.  The drive was beautiful as we traveled through the […]

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Last Sunday, I went with Samuel, one of my work partners, to Kedjom-Keku, a village located about an hour from Bamenda to present Sexual Reproductive Health to 29 persons with disabilities.  Most of the participants were older adults who were illiterate.  This meant that when conducting the pre- and post-tests, we needed to read each […]

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Regina Awafe, a sign language interpreter and superstar advocate for the deaf who runs an organization called Agnes Association for the Empowerment of the Deaf and Vulnerable Persons, brought 31 young deaf adults together at a church to attend the HIV Prevention workshop. It was the largest HIV Prevention workshop I have hosted so far. […]

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In the past few years in the United States, a number of Republicans have been fighting to defund Planned Parenthood because they falsely believe that Planned Parenthood only provide abortion and therefore, they see that by defunding Planned Parenthood, they help end abortion.  However, according to the Planned Parenthood’s budget, only 3% of the budget […]

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As I have been working with persons with disabilities in the Northwest region of Cameroon, I have been learning that many of them have been left out of HIV education and services.  When I did my community needs assessment early in my service, I learned that one-fourth of persons with disabilities whom I interviewed never […]