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I met a strong and powerful advocate for women and girls, Adah Mbah, who is dedicated and passionate about working in human rights, women’s rights, sexual reproductive health, gender equality, gender based violence, and youth development  She is the founder and executive director of a non-profit organization called Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM), which focuses on […]

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I have never felt so passionate and emotional about women issues until coming Cameroon.  When growing up, I was always aware of women issues as my grandmother often spoke in depth with me about it, but I have never felt so emotionally charged and angry to the point my blood has boiled.   There has […]

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I marched in the parade with several other women with disabilities in Bamenda. I would like to take an opportunity to review facts about women with disabilities in general and also about what women with disabilities face in Cameroon and also in other developing countries: Fifteen percent of all women in the world are women […]

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On February 14, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I hosted a Men as Partners activity by asking two disability groups, Helping Each Other and Northwest Association of Women with Disabilities, to come together and participate in learning about gender inequality in the disability community.  The activity we conducted was called “Fishbowl.”   During the first […]

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While many women and I have shared our voice about women issues at home in the United States, I believe that our voice hasn’t been as well heard as it should be. I should say that I didn’t realize that we have not been so vocal about women issues until coming to Cameroon, especially seeing […]