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My friends will attest how much I love shopping for sales because I always tell them stories about sales I have gotten.  A couple of months ago, I posted a photo of me wearing a ‘special’ dress on Facebook that I wore to my graduation along with a note stating: “There’s a story behind this […]

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I love how Daniel Miller makes his fieldwork so simple by just meeting up some locals in his hometown, London, and observe how they shop in a supermarket.  Reading the first chapter of his book, A Theory of Shopping, made me think differently how my family shops.  In the first chapter, Making Love in Supermarkets, […]

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Obsessive Consumption depicts an illustrious narration of drawings by Kate Bingaman-Burt who tells the story of her consuming products on day-to-day basis.  A 3.50-dollar calculator, a Scotch tape and dispenser, 99-cents fake mustaches, a six-pack of energy saving light bulbs, a wireless mouse from Apple, a Clorox spray, and a black diamond plastic ring are […]

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New York Times posted an in-depth article about whether owning materials or experience makes us happier. The writer went in depth about how recession impacted people’s spending habits on materials, and without any doubts, recession sure did impact people greatly.  Moreover, there were statements about how people spending money on experience such as traveling, going […]

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Today, the writer of an article on Huffington Post, I Shop Therefore I Am: Can Objects Make Us Happy? explores how materials influence our feelings.  The biggest point the writer made is that objects are not merely served to be functional, but also to give us sentiments.  Dylan Kendall, the writer, provides a good example […]