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Watching this video that went viral at the end of 2012, “2012: What Brought Us Together” really struck a cord.  “Why were so many images recognizable?” I thought for a second while watching the video.  I quickly realized it was because I saw many of them on YouTube and online news sites.  Many of images […]

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Camera is not merely a tool to capture images, but also to educate photographers about the culture and issues of their surroundings, meet new people on their travels, and to appreciate the landscapes they were viewing. Karen Strassler, author of Refracted Visions: Popular Photography and National Modernity in Java, makes these points in her captivating […]

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Reading news on many days is like reading books by Shakespeare, Edith Wharton and William Faulkner where I hear people dying and/or living in depressing lives. Oil spills on the Gulf, people dying in Afghanistan, and Iranian women being whipped to death are all examples of news that depict sadness and depressing dramas. Is our […]

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While this article on how we can help progressive journalism speaks about how we can ensure that we are receiving accurate information in the news, and how we can find progressive news in spite of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck having big powers to exploit the news media, one part of the article struck me […]

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CNN posted an article the other day on how three particular objects changed our lives.  Those three objects are television, interstates, and internet.  It was very interesting to see that interstates were one of the items on the list.  Interstates certainly did help improve a network of shipments of goods and provide families and friends […]