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Watching this video that went viral at the end of 2012, “2012: What Brought Us Together” really struck a cord.  “Why were so many images recognizable?” I thought for a second while watching the video.  I quickly realized it was because I saw many of them on YouTube and online news sites.  Many of images […]

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I’m not going to deny that I look in the refrigerator and say, “There is absolutely nothing for dinner,” when there is really more than enough food to create a creative dish. When I see there is no more toilet paper in the bathroom, I groan about the need to walk across the hall to […]

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Taking the simplest actions can bring happiness to people. Leaving a big tip for the waiter, helping someone carry a suitcase down the stairs, giving up a seat on the subway for an elder, and giving a homeless person a bottle of water are all examples of taking a small step to create a huge […]

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It often takes creative minds to change the design of materials or the landscape without changing the function in order to lure people into using the material or the space more effectively.  A group of people redesign the staircase at a subway station to attract people to walking up and down the stairs than to […]