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Remember those days when we wanted to make copies of documents, we had to take them to an office center or the time before we many of us were born, documents were copied by hand.  Nowadays, we have little copy machines known as scanners in our homes.  CAD printers also known as 3D printers can […]

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Last Monday, I attended a lecture called Affirmative Objects by Glenn Adamson who is Deputy Head of Research and Head of Graduate Studies at Albert and Victoria Museum.  He brought up a particular thought-provoking point in the lecture that motivated me to write a blog entry.  He discussed the differences between machine-made products and craftsmanship […]

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A professor from my school shared a video from Spain about rapid manufacturing and sustainability.  What’s really sad is that many people have lost the value of good quality craftsmanship and products that are made by individual craftsmen who took the time to make durable products by their own hands and paid attention to every […]

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Several years ago, a group of friends raved about IKEA.  At that time, I never shopped there.  They said it’s THE place to shop for college dorm and also for great stylish furniture at incredible deals.  Moreover, they said it’s a Swedish store and so, I thought since it’s perhaps not a ‘Made-in-China’ store, I […]

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While this beautiful video doesn’t show any anthropological aspects of the production, however, it is worth showing it as it depicts the art of producing ink at Printing Ink Company: