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As I was inspired by the Peace Corps Legacy video series, I created a video sharing a story of a volunteer, Claudine Hennessey, who served at Alex’s post 11 to 13 years ago, and the community members. Thank you Alex for sharing Claudine’s story with me and taking care of all the logistics which included arranging interviews […]

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Daniel, an Education Peace Corps Volunteer, has been serving in Cameroon since May 2015.  He teaches high school physics to large classes of 60 students each.  I took an opportunity to interview Daniel because he is another Peace Corps Volunteer who also happens to have a disability.  He is an amputee and wears a prosthetic […]

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When I was on the plane heading to Cameroon from Brussels for the very first time last September 2014, I was sitting next to a very quiet woman who was also a soon-to-be Peace Corps Volunteer.  I was exhausted and so, I selfishly didn’t take a moment to converse with her to get to know […]

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About a year ago, shortly after I started my Peace Corps service, I learned through Facebook that two of my high school classmates, Jane and Chenoa, were about to take off to Africa to serve in the Peace Corps too.  They both applied to join the Peace Corps without knowing that they both had applied […]