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Last month, I followed up my malaria evaluation by revisiting seven of the ten homes of select people who participated in the workshop and first round of home visits.  Just to quickly recap the first malaria evaluation, all homes except for two homes had mosquito nets although one home didn’t have mosquito nets for all […]

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Last week, I visited four more homes for malaria evaluation.  I visited a home of a woman who became disabled from crashing into a plank which cut her leg severely.  Chantel, a member of Northwest Association of Women with Disabilities, never had it fixed properly and so, she struggles to walk and is often in pain. […]

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Today, Alfred, a member of Special Needs Entrepreneur Group (SNEG), graciously met me and Veronica, one of my work partners, at his work place in town center and accompanied us to his home which is located on the outskirts of Bamenda. When we arrived at his home, he first showed his father’s living quarter. While […]

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I just completed giving the 4th malaria workshop a couple weeks ago. This workshop did not result in the best outcome because it took place outside during a very rainy weather. Even though we were under a cover, the rain was pouring down so hard that the water was flooding everywhere. As a result, only […]

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Last April, I collaborated with a disability group to host my very first malaria workshop to a group of persons with disabilities in Bamenda.  This past Sunday and today, I hosted two additional malaria workshops for persons with disabilities so that I could reach out to many more persons with disabilities in Bamenda area.  I […]