The Power of Social Media in 2012

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Watching this video that went viral at the end of 2012, “2012: What Brought Us Together” really struck a cord.  “Why were so many images recognizable?” I thought for a second while watching the video.  I quickly realized it was because I saw many of them on YouTube and online news sites.  Many of images captured in the video were shared on Facebook and tweeted on Twitter throughout 2012.

I came to realization that I see and hear news solely through internet.  I can’t remember the last time I touched a magazine or a newspaper.  While I do regularly visit,, Huffington Post, GOOD, and, I also get a large amount of news through social media.  Social media has really changed the way I find and choose which news to read.  My friends and people who I follow on social media are truly influencing the way I see the world through internet. When I scroll down the newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter, I see many articles posted by my friends or people who I follow.  I truly do take the time to click on many of the articles posted and read them.

This video has truly reminded me how the news media industry is changing in 21st century.

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