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In the past couple weeks, I met a number of persons with disability who have very rarely or never left their home due only because of their disability.  Their life and view of the world is very limited.  Sometimes one has to wonder if these people are living in a life like an animal who […]

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Last week, when Samuel, my work supervisor, handed me an invitation to a wedding, he said to me, “This is a historical, once in a life time wedding. A woman with disability is getting married.” In Cameroon, marriage is one of the greatest challenges in the population of women with disability. Majority of women with […]

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Youth Day is celebrated in many countries and Cameroon happens to be one of the countries that recognizes this day. Cameroon holds the day as a national holiday every year on February 11th. It’s a day to honor all the youth and embrace the importance of education. Many towns around the country celebrate the day […]

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“Water has no color, smell, taste or calories, but water is a vital element for all life forms. No human, animal or plant can live without it. From elephants to bacteria, water is essential and nothing can replace it. No water means no life. The water quantity on earth is very constant. The same water […]

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This is a long overdue blog post.  This photo essay features an upper-middle class, modern host family with whom I lived in Mengong, a rural village just outside of Ebolowa, during training.  The photos give the Americans and other foreigners an insight into the life of a group of Cameroonians in a home.  While most […]