The Power of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility, believe or not, helps gain sales.  Whirlpool is a prime example of a company that made invaluable contributions to the society and as a result, the company gained sales.

Whirlpool collaborated with Habitat for Humanity to give $34 million and 73,000 refrigerators, ranges, household items to 36,000 homes in 1999.  They launched a program called Building Blocks  in 2006 to initiate in sending over 1000 employees and volunteers to build an entire block for 1 week in a neighborhood.  They also sponsored Reba McEntire Habitat for Humanity Tour in 2006.  Therefore, between, deep non-profit partnership, employees being volunteers and having volunteers, cash donations, branding, and a star power, it helped the sales of Whirlpool.  Their customer loyalty index increased from 15% to 29% “among owners who recalled seeing the media for the concert tour.”1  In addition, there was a 47% increase in top performing Sears dealer store sales for Whirlpool brand and plus, $1.8 million in sales increase.

Being socially responsible is much more rewarding than some people may realize…

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