People Get So Hungry for Money

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Blank Check, a Walt Disney movie starring Brian Bonsall, is surely a stupid American comedy and thriller film revolving around a kid who pulls the greatest schemes; however, as I think deeper about the storyline of the film, there are some anthropological aspects in the film involving material culture.  Americans in general are so hungry for money and will do whatever it takes to get them make big bucks – this film shows this image.  A kid receives a blank check from a stranger who broke his bike by accident.  While the check was purposely blank so that the kid could write in the cost of the damage of the bike, he took the advantage to write in $1,000,000. Sure enough, he does cash in $1,000,000 and goes out to buy a castle, all the cool electronic gadgets, and all the toys you can name.

Why are Americans so hungry for money?  When Big Game advertised $363 million grand prize in lottery drawing in May 2000, many Americans went into a state of frenzy!  They flocked to gas stations and shops to pay hundreds of dollars worth of tickets when they had a chance of 1 in 75 million.  One person even paid $3,000 worth of lottery tickets! 1  I even brought a few tickets because I had big dreams!  I remember clearly watching the news about the frenzy and all the people who purchased the tickets talked about their dreams of buying big houses and new cars, going on a shopping spree, and traveling around the world.  As part of the American culture, we strive to dream big.

So, there is a desperation to get rich quick because Americans in general find that money is the key to achieving our dreams, which includes buying mammoth homes, super duper nice cars, and necklaces glamorizing hundreds of diamonds – all the things that show the image of who we are.  I couldn’t agree more when Clotaire Rapaille stated in his book, The Culture Code, that Americans worship their money:

“It has been said that Americans consider money their religion.”

Rapaille further stated that in the American culture, money is the key to presenting the quality of who we are unless we cheated:

“”The ‘proof’ that we derive from money is the proof of our goodness – not only of the quality of our work at our chosen professions, but also of our quality as people.  We truly believe that there is a link between goodness and monetary success and that those who cheat and lie way to the top ultimately meet their comeuppance on both the spiritual and financial planes.”

Of course, the FBI and the owner of the check at the end of the film confronted the kid in Blank Check known as Preston.   He sure did meet his comeuppance!

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March 24, 2010 at 6:07 pm

The american dream is portrayed in every movie I’ve ever seen from US.But I also think you forgot another one – the suburbia dream. 🙂 To be able to live in leafy suburb and away from dangers.

But the problem is that we’ve been portrayed like these because that’s how we view money.We don’t see his worth if he’s a kind person.Or someone that has an bent ear for everyone’s trouble.Or for gentle manners.But from his social and work status.And based on how much he/she earns.Or where he lives or what possessions has.

Not only for money …but also with materialistic things.Which you’ve been talking about in previous blogs! 😀

I think that most people of the younger generation is all about materialistic things , and all about “Me” , which is no wonder about the high rate of divorces and failure of relationships.We all think what about me , why don’t I deserve the newest gadget or something like that.

Everyone dreams and aspires to be rich – to reach the ultimate dream.But that’s what is really needed ?

It’s not a laugh to be poor ( see the families that REALLY struggle ) – not a laugh to be really rich ( see the media blitz about this actor or the other actor on drugs ).

I think we should all try to strive for the in-between.To be comfortable with money so we can afford some nice things, but to be also comfortable to who we are.And be comfortable in our discovering our true selves.Life isn’t money.Is having a family.Enjoying your hobbies – which I know you enjoy!

Take for example me :
I’m not poor – I have my own apartment.I have an adequate sum of money, and I struggle sometimes.I can take a vacation only once a year , and sometimes I skip years.But I’ve humbled myself.Discovered that happiness doesn’t pertain ALWAYS on the money.Sure , some materialistic things make us happier.My 2008 summer vacation was exploring with a friend in September.And I had a blast for a lot of reasons.And all these reasons did not have anything to do with money.My 2009 summer vacation was a simple one , with my family & friends surrounding me.And I was renewed in their love and attention – which was simple and pure love , and reconnecting on various levels.

So , money isn’t the answer.Maybe the amount of money is.Or our dreams.We change.Our dreams change?Sometimes.Not always.And that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t shoot for the moon.It just means, shoot for the moon that will make you happy , not for the moneymoon.*smile*

So…shoot for the happymoon.Not for moneymoon.That’s my biggest dream.

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