The Importance of Designing Packages

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Puma, a shoe company, created a “clever little bag” to replace shoe boxes to help change the world for the better.  According to the article I came across, Puma’s redesigned shoebox will consume much less waste:

“Puma claims that this new design will save about 8,500 tons of paper, 20 million Mega joules of electricity, 1 million litres of fuel oil, 1 million litres of water and 500,000 litres of diesel.”

Placing creativity in designing packages is crucial, as it can generate much less mass consumption and help conserve the environment.  Aldo, another shoe company, also created an environmentally friendly shoebox, as we don’t have to worry about using a shopping bag to carry the shoebox thanks to a handle attached to the shoebox!

Other companies have also put on their creative-thinking caps on to design environmentally friendly packaging over the past few years.  The Inconvenient Truth DVD has a very smart packaging style as it uses a very minimal amount of material.  In 2007, Nestlé slimmed down their water bottles to conserve the plastic.  Apple noticeably reduced their packaging content over the past few years.

The trend of designing aesthetically appealing and environmentally friendly packages should continue, and it will give artists more job opportunities and also allow them to explore their creativity.

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