How big brands can help save biodiversity: Lecture by Jason Clay

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Jason Clay, vice-president of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), presents brilliant strategic plans to convince mega corporations to go sustainable. He identified the top 15 commodities that pose the biggest threats to the places that have the top biodiversity because of deforestation, water use, over-fishing, soil loss, and pesticide use. Then he identified the top 100 companies that consumed at least 25 percent of the top commodities, which includes, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Kraft, Starbucks, and Nestle. He got 20 companies to sign an agreement and has more on the way.

I loved how Clay said that it’s not just about conserving our planet, but also to help companies stay in business in the future. When companies rely on resources that could possibly be gone in the future, companies could go out of business or completely change their products:

[Mars doesn’t] want to be an I.P. company; they want to be a chocolate company, but they want to be a chocolate company forever.

Watch the video from to hear the details on his strategic plan:

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