Seven Ways to Complete Peace Corps’ Second Goal

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I teach the host family in Mengong how to make chocolate chip cookies.

Peace Corps has three goals that volunteers are require to complete.  The first goal is to promote peace and friendship.  The second goal is to teach the host country nationals about the American culture.  The third goal is to teach the Americans about the host country.  There is an ample amount of opportunities to complete Peace Corps’ second goal in Cameroon:

  1. Introduce American food by teaching them how to cook some recipes from the US.  I brought a few recipes from the US with me and also a measuring cup because the US is one of the very few countries that does not use the metric system.  I taught my host family during training how to make brownies, chocolate chip cookies and grilled cheese.  I taught my work partners how to make pizza and also chocolate chip cookies.  Believe or not, many Cameroonians have never heard of brownies or grilled cheese but they did enjoy them!
  2. Bring pictures of life in the US.  I brought pictures of my life in the US.  Many Cameroonians were able to see what I looked like growing up and get to know my family.  They were also able to learn about holidays I celebrate as they saw images of me in Halloween costumes.  They were also able to see the landscape of the US just by looking at the background of the images.
  3. Tell stories about life in the US.  Just by simply sitting with Cameroonians anywhere, whether it’s in a living room or in a shop, and conversing with them, you can still teach them about the US.  For example, I had interesting conversations with one of my work partners’ customers in her shop about how Americans practice their religion.
  4. Connect with them on Social Media.  Cameroonians learn more about what is happening in my home country when I share news articles about the US on Facebook and converse with my family and friends from the US.  They also learn more about Americans’ opinions about various current events when they read my posts and converse with me and my family and friends from the US.
  5. Watch movies with Cameroonians.  There are many American movies that Cameroonians have not yet seen and would most likely enjoy.  Many Peace Corps Volunteers often invite neighbor children to watch movies with them in their home in the evenings.
  6. Host US holiday parties.  I hosted a 4th of July party in my home on 4th of July so that Cameroonians could learn more about the US’ Independence Day.  I created a poster sharing facts about the US.  I also introduced hamburgers, Americans’ favorite dish, to them.
  7. Inform them about scholarship opportunities in the US.  Cameroonians are always looking for opportunities to get the best quality of education.  Two of my work partners recently had the opportunities to go to the US for workshops on a scholarship.  They both came back to Cameroon with a much greater understanding of the American culture.  They are both utilizing the knowledge that they have acquired in the US to do their projects in Cameroon.
My host family in Mengong enjoy watching Frozen which is not yet available in Cameroon.

My host family in Mengong enjoy watching Frozen which is not yet available in Cameroon.

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