Ranch De Ngaoundaba

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Last May, I was in Ngaoundere, Adamawa for a week to attend a training on how to work with people living with HIV/AIDS.  Right after the conference, I took a one vacation day to enjoy Adamawa and spend time with Alex.  Just right by Ngaoundere, there is a beautiful resort called Ranch De Ngaoundaba and many Peace Corps Volunteers raved about the place saying that it’s a wonderful place to relax and see the beautiful landscapes of Adamawa.

Alex and I both spent a lovely time there as we were able to really enjoy seeing and appreciating the beautiful scenery that Adamawa has to offer.  Adamawa does really have beautiful rolling hills and mountains like Tuscany and Provence.  We took a short hike up on a big hill where we were able to get a stunning view of a lake near the resort.

Alex and I both also spent a few hours rowing a boat on the magnificent lake.  There were hundreds of white birds by the lake and they were flying around us.  Alex brought his binoculars so that he could see the birds up close.

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20150509_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_5114

20150509_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_5125

20150509_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_5167

20150509_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_5152

20150509_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_5149

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20150509_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_5094

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20150508_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_5479

20150508_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_5224

The resort offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with a fixed menu.  Alex and I both enjoyed a wonderful steak with mushrooms and cream sauce and french fries.  It was so delicious that we felt like we were eating a wonderful home cooked meal.  Adamawa is known for its beef as a large number of cows are raised there.

Tourists can spend the night at the resort for 10,000 CFA a night for a simple bedroom with a full size bed and hot water.  The rooms also have mosquito nets, a very rare find in hotels in Cameroon.  While the resort offers boat rides on the lake and trail paths for hiking, it also offers horseback riding, archery, and many wonderful resting spots to enjoy reading a good book or simply relaxing.

To get to Ngaoundere where Ranch De Ngaoundaba is located, tourists will need to take an overnight train from Douala or Yaounde to Ngaoundere.  Then once the tourists arrive in Ngaoundere, they need to ask the driver to be taken to car for Dibi.  The ride costs 600 CFA and is about 30 minutes from the town center.  Once they arrive in Dibi, they need to ask for a bike to the ranch which is a quick five minutes drive and costs 300 CFA per person.  It’s important to note that the price of rides can vary as negotiating is involved.


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