Peace Corps Application Process Timeline

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The Peace Corps application process has always been known to be very slow and tough.  It really tests our ability to be patient.  The Boston marathon bombing, the government shutdown, snow days and my disability have unfortunately made my impossibly slow application process for Peace Corps slower.  No joke.  Here is the timeline of my application process:

March 15, 2013: Application Submitted

April 19, 2013: Interview Day (Cancelled due to Boston being on lockdown to find the marathon bomb suspect who was on loose)

April 24, 2013: Rescheduled Interview Day

May 8, 2013: Nominated – This simply means that I passed the interview.

May 29, 2013: Legal and Medical Paperwork Submitted

*Radio went completely silent*

September 5, 2013: Contacted the medical office for an update and was told that they had no updates

October 1 – 16, 2013: Government shut down

October 30, 2013: Ran into my Peace Corps Recruiter at an event and asked her for an update on my medical pre-clearance

November 1, 2013: Finally heard from the medical office. They asked some questions relating to my cochlear implants.

November 6, 2013: The medical office asked additional questions

November 7, 2013: The medical office asked more questions

November 13, 2013: The medical office asked more questions

December 10, 2013: Snow Day in DC. Office closed

December 11, 2013: The medical office asked more questions

December 13, 2013: Received Medical Pre-Clearance

January, 10, 2014: Received Legal Pre-Clearance

January 21, 2014: Snow Day in DC. Office closed

February 5, 2014: Received a Placement Questionnaire. It’s a document that asked me a series of questions to confirm that I understand the challenges of the job.

February 13, 2014: Snow Day in DC. Office closed

April 2, 2014: Heard from the Placement Office and was told that I’d receive an invitation but they needed to check with the medical office to make sure the country that best fits my skills and experiences can accommodate my medical needs

April 2, 2014: Received an invitation a few hours later. Invited to serve in Cameroon in community health education.

April 25, 2014: Submitted more medical paperwork for final medical clearance

May 8, 2014: Final medical clearance!

September 9, 2014: Staging in Philadelphia

September 10, 2014: Depart from NYC to Yaounde, Cameroon!

A blog entry detailing my journey in applying to join in the Peace Corps will come later this summer.  Stay tuned.

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June 8, 2014 at 6:26 am

Sounds like any typical govt department – we have them here in NZ too :)

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