Trends of Corporate Social Responsibilities

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As I was researching about corporate social responsibility (CSR), I found that there has been a trend for many corporations to report their social responsibilities to the public.  Without any doubt, many Americans set high expectations for corporations to be socially responsible:

72% of consumers choose to buy brands that support causes. – Cause Survey, 2007, PR Week, October 22, 2007

52% of US consumers claim that they actively seek information on companies’ (CSR) record.1

90% Americans want companies to manufacture energy efficient products2

87% of US consumers claim to support fair labor and trade practices3

93% of 766 corporate CEOs who completed a survey in 2010 “say that substainability will be critical to the future success of their companies.”4

90% of employees felt proud to work for Coca-Cola Enterprises because of their CRS commitments5

Here is a set of great facts from 2006 Cone Millennial Cause Study that was displayed in Kellie A. McElhaney’s Presentation.  This study surveyed 8-26 years olds.

89% said they are likely to switch brands if linked to cause

83% will trust company more if socially responsible

79% want to work for company that cares about and contributes to society

78% believe that companies have responsibility for making a difference in the world

74% more likely to pay attention to a company’s overall messaging when they see that company has deep commitment to cause they care about

69% consider companies’ CSR reputation when deciding where to shop

61% feel personally responsible for making a difference in the world

56% would refuse to work for an irresponsible corporation

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) does indeed impact corporation’s market share, as according to various studies, many consumers will choose the brands and emloyees have preferences of with whom to work based on corporations’ history of CSR.

At last, check out this informative video on expectations for CSR:

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June 25, 2010 at 7:55 pm

Great info Rachel. So important. Had a meeting today about some of the very things you are exploring.

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