Training Persons with Disabilities to be HIV Prevention Educators

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In collaboration with Coordinating Unit of Association of Persons with Disabilities, we conducted a training of trainers workshop for 17 persons with disabilities from four different villages in Tubah sub-division, Bambui, Bambili, Kedjom-Keku, and Kejoum Ketingoh to teach them how to educate other persons with disabilities in their communities about HIV prevention in order to be able to grow the number of persons with disabilities becoming more knowledgeable about HIV.  All participants came to the training with a clear indication that they already had solid knowledge of HIV.  11 participants scored 100% on the pre-test.  The rest missed only one or two answers.  The training did however give them an opportunity to hone their knowledge as 15 out of 17 participants scored 100% on the post-test and one missed only one answer.  Then one did not complete the post-test due to leaving the training early.  It was important for them to have a good solid knowledge in order to be able to educate others with correct information.  They were all provided with a manual to use to assist them in sharing information.

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