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It may cost companies to be socially responsible; however, in the long run, they’re not only doing good things for our planet, but also, they can gain market shares.  It’s no different from paying for advertisements.  According to NationalService.gov, a huge number of Americans say that companies’ commitment to social responsibility is important for both deciding which brands […]

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As the sun rose above the mountains of the Luberon region, a region in Provence, wind bringing in a fresh breeze drifted through the narrow streets where open air markets stand every Saturday morning .    I went up to a vendor and on this table with blue leather cloth over it, there were beautiful […]

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This time lapse video by Stephen Wilkes, an American photographer, depicts a landscape of Wal-Mart in 24 hours.  The most striking part of the video I noticed is that Wal-Mart leaves lights on 24 hours 7 days a week like several other stores across the country.  This scene represents an example of how much fossil […]

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Living with an abundant amount of choices is great because we have options to pick which suits us the best; however, making the decision on which product we should buy can overwhelm us.  For instance, a writer in the latest article, Relationship Advice: Do You Have Commitment-Phobia?, spoke about her frustrations in choosing bread at […]

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I’m creating a scenario.  I was in the fitting room of a clothing store called Beautiful (FYI – I made up the name.)  For this store, I normally wear size two in shirts and size four in pants.  I put on a shirt in size two.  Wow!  Did I lose any weight?  This shirt is […]