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In the past couple weeks, I gave three additional HIV Prevention workshops to persons with disabilities.  I traveled to an area called “Bamenda I.”  While this area is still part of the city of Bamenda, it’s located far from the center of the city and is on the outskirts.  I presented to a large group of […]

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Last Sunday, I took an almost six hours round-trip to Small Babanki, a town just outside of Bamenda, to present HIV Prevention to another group of persons with disabilities. At the presentation, one woman asked, “At what age is the limit for women to have sex?” “Until when they die,” I responded. “AH!” the woman squealed. […]

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To continue my mission to educate as many persons with disabilities as possible about HIV and AIDS, I took a trip to Bali, a village located about 15 minutes by car from Bamenda.  In Bali, I met with a group of 12 persons with disabilities to give an education on HIV prevention. Before I began the […]

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As I have discussed in previous blog posts, access to HIV education and services is a prominent issue in the disability community.  To help increase the willingness of persons with disabilities to talk openly and knowledgeably about HIV/AIDS in their groups, families and communities so that they can help each other prevent HIV/AIDS, I gave […]

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In honor of World AIDS Day, which happens on December 1st every year, and International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is on December 3rd every year, my host organization, Coordinating Unit of Association of Persons with Disabilities, in collaboration with Bamenda Regional Hospital, hosted a PEPFAR-funded HIV testing at the International Day of Persons […]