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Last April, I collaborated with a disability group to host my very first malaria workshop to a group of persons with disabilities in Bamenda.  This past Sunday and today, I hosted two additional malaria workshops for persons with disabilities so that I could reach out to many more persons with disabilities in Bamenda area.  I […]

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Many healthcare workers and ordinary people in Cameroon often falsely assume that persons with disability are not sexually active and have immunity to HIV/AIDS.  Many healthcare workers also believe that women with disability cannot get pregnant.  As healthcare workers also have stigma towards them, persons with disability are often placed last on the list of […]

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On Sunday, April 26, I held the very first malaria workshop for persons with disability. I collaborated with Richard, the president of Helping Each Other, a disability related association based in Bamenda. Eleven people attended the workshop, which is a very good number considering how many persons with disability are unable to attend due to […]

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“Water has no color, smell, taste or calories, but water is a vital element for all life forms. No human, animal or plant can live without it. From elephants to bacteria, water is essential and nothing can replace it. No water means no life. The water quantity on earth is very constant. The same water […]

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When I met with a director of a school for the deaf in Bamenda, she said to me “If we could have [cochlear implants] in Cameroon, it would solve so many problems.” While I agreed fully that cochlear implants would make a huge difference in the lives of many deaf people, I never fully grasped […]