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While every culture has its own unique set of fashion, suits are integral garments in every culture.  When men go to work, go for an interview, or have a meeting with important people, many around the world wear business suits that consists of a blazer, pants, collar shirt and a tie.  Leaders such as Barack […]

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Why do people own a toy car or a cup or save old letters from friends and families? This past Sunday, I went to the Wellcome Collections to visit the exhibit called ‘Things’ to explore the reasoning of people owning certain things. This exhibit presented items that people brought to the museum to lend to […]

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Camera is not merely a tool to capture images, but also to educate photographers about the culture and issues of their surroundings, meet new people on their travels, and to appreciate the landscapes they were viewing. Karen Strassler, author of Refracted Visions: Popular Photography and National Modernity in Java, makes these points in her captivating […]

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A professor from my school shared a video from Spain about rapid manufacturing and sustainability.  What’s really sad is that many people have lost the value of good quality craftsmanship and products that are made by individual craftsmen who took the time to make durable products by their own hands and paid attention to every […]

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Several years ago, a group of friends raved about IKEA.  At that time, I never shopped there.  They said it’s THE place to shop for college dorm and also for great stylish furniture at incredible deals.  Moreover, they said it’s a Swedish store and so, I thought since it’s perhaps not a ‘Made-in-China’ store, I […]