Malaria Evaluation Round Two

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Last month, I followed up my malaria evaluation by revisiting seven of the ten homes of select people who participated in the workshop and first round of home visits.  Just to quickly recap the first malaria evaluation, all homes except for two homes had mosquito nets although one home didn’t have mosquito nets for all beds when I visited them last September.  This past October, officials from health centers in Bamenda distributed mosquito nets to all homes.  This meant that I expected to see changes in the second round of visits.

In this round of visits, I saw various interesting results.  This time, while Richard and Kate both already had mosquito nets, they still received new ones and replaced their old nets with new ones.  While Albert already had a net, his father didn’t have one four months ago.  His father now has a net, which was hung up nicely.  Che still does not have a net hanging up but he has already picked up one.  I told him that I expect to see his net hanging up when I visit him next time.  Like Che, Gregory also didn’t have any nets hanging up but he did recently get them and still has not hung them up.  I also told him that I expect to see them hanging up next time when I visit.  Chantel’s home remained unchanged.  She still had a net hanging up and tied up in a knot.  At last, I saw a big change in one home, Helene’s.  She now has a mattress for the children and two mosquito nets, one for her bed and another for children’s bed.

While some homes were in poor quality, they were all still kept in clean conditions to the best of their abilities.

20151215_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_8759

This is Richard’s home. He replaced his mosquito nets with new ones.

20151215_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_8761

This is Kate’s home. She replaced her mosquito net with a new one.

20151215_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_8762

This is Chantel’s home which remained unchanged.

20151215_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_8764

This is Helene’s home which I saw dramatic changes. She received two new mosquito nets and a second mattress for the children.

20151217_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_8744

This is Albert’s home. His father didn’t have a mosquito net four months ago but he now has one.

20151217_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bamenda_8751

This is Che. He never had a mosquito net but he just picked up one and plans to hang it up soon.

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