But Will It Make You Happy? – New York Times Article

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New York Times posted an in-depth article about whether owning materials or experience makes us happier. The writer went in depth about how recession impacted people’s spending habits on materials, and without any doubts, recession sure did impact people greatly.  Moreover, there were statements about how people spending money on experience such as traveling, going to movies, or taking language lessons have greater satisfaction than when they spend money on materials to own.

I would rather have the best of both worlds – I enjoy having both experience and ownership of materials.  As I mentioned in the previous post, wearing a watch that has a beautiful design makes me feel happy.  As someone who has to feel comfortable in my own surroundings, it’s essential for me to own materials that makes me feel happy when I view them everyday such as paintings and sculptures.  Therefore, I like to invest in purchasing artwork and other home decorations in order to feel comfortable.  On the other hand, it is very critical for me to put money aside for experience, in particular traveling, as I enjoy tremendously being enriched with new knowledge, and I beam with enthusiasm whenever I have opportunities to speak about my travel memories.

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