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I traveled to Bambalang, a village located about three hours from Bamenda, the capital of the Northwest region, and under two hours from Bafoussam, the capital of the West region.  To travel there from Bamenda, I first had to take a one hour taxi to a “car park,” a place where I can find cars heading to various different towns.  The taxi ride took so long primarily because of traffic in the city and making several stops.  Then I took an hour car ride to a town called Ndop.  When I arrived in Ndop, I took a one hour moto bike ride through the beautiful countryside of Northwest.

Bambalang is one of the most beautiful villages I have seen in Cameroon.  There is a large lake with mountains surrounding it that makes the village as one of the epicenters of fishing.  The village produces very delicious fish, in particular grilled fish, which I was able to enjoy while there.  Farming is also a big part of the village life as various crops in particular corn are grown there.  I took a 20 minute boat ride to the other side of the lake to see a village.  It was an experience to see the village because it’s so different from the life I live in Bamenda.  There is no electricity and indoor plumbing.  Bambalang does have electricity though but no indoor plumbing.  Homes are made of mud bricks. Many people live off of farming as their main source of income.  There is a boutique selling various packaged food and drinks, a school and a health clinic.

20160820_Peace Corps_Cameroon_Bambalang_6309

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