A Look into the Life of a Cameroonian Family

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This is a long overdue blog post.  This photo essay features an upper-middle class, modern host family with whom I lived in Mengong, a rural village just outside of Ebolowa, during training.  The photos give the Americans and other foreigners an insight into the life of a group of Cameroonians in a home.  While most Cameroonians do household chores similarly, my host family certainly does not represent the entire population of the country.  Note the gender equality in the pictures as the males are also very involved in household chores such as cooking, getting water and ironing clothes.  In a modern and highly educated family, like my host family, where there are traditionally less than six children, males are usually more involved in household work.

My host father is both a high school math teacher and assistant principal of the high school located right in the village.  My host mother owns a boutique and sells household items such as packaged food, office supplies, and toiletries.  There are four children living with them. Two of them are their biological children.  The other two children are a niece and nephew of my host parents’.  In Cameroon, it’s very common for children to live with their aunt, uncles and cousins instead of their parents due to various reasons including work, illnesses, and finances.  My host parents also has a third biological son who I never met as he is currently living in Doula for university.

20140917_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0322

My host siblings enjoying beignets, one of Cameroon’s very popular food.

20140919_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0300

My host sister starts up a fire to prepare a meal. Cameroonians cook many of their meals over a fire outside.

20140919_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0301

My host brother carries a big bucket of water which he fetches from a pump.

20140921_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0212

My host father grinds the beans to make Koke, a traditional Cameroonian dish.

20140921_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0213

My host siblings are doing laundry which is traditionally done by hand as washing machines are almost non-existent in the country.

20140921_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0250

My host mother prepares the leaves for cooking.

20140921_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0270

My host brother irons family’s clothes.

20140922_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0170

My host sister prepares the fish for a meal.

20140922_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0201

My host siblings prepare a chicken that they just killed for a meal.

20140927_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0145

My host brother plays soccer with his neighbors.

20140928_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0104

My host sisters enjoy dancing at home.

20140928_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0054

My host sisters enjoy some cookies after a meal.

20141005_Mengong Cameroon Training Peace Corps_0003

My host brother uses a candle while the power has gone out for a period of time.


My host family enjoys watching Michael Jackson.


My host mother prepares Koke, a traditional Cameroonian dish.


My host brother is only 11 years old and already has big muscles from carrying water on daily basis.


My host sister helps her mother run her boutique.


My host mother and sisters hang out at their boutique.

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