The Future of News Media

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Since the the iPad has been in the spotlight, there has been a big buzz about how it is going to change the landscape of the news media.  Of course papers are dying, and I will admit that it can be a good thing as we’ll be able to help reduce the demolition of the rain forests. People will stop scanning through the magazines without buying their own copy at newsstands and will begin to finally give some pennies to the financially struggling magazine companies by purchasing a copy on the iPad.  Magazine and newspaper companies will be able to go beyond the production of still photography and text as they will be able to incorporate moving images and sounds.  A YouTube video of a Sports Illustration magazine being displayed on a tablet shows how moving images and sounds can be implemented.

A YouTube video of Interview Magazine on iPad depicts another example of how magazines can be scanned on tablets –

As you may noticed, magazine and newspaper companies will not have to be restricted to a certain layout format.  They can choose horizontal or vertical layout and even use both!  Art directors will have endless options for designing magazines and newspapers.  Perhaps sound director will become a new job position in the magazine companies!  Also, because magazine and newspaper companies will not have to be restricted to a certain number of pages per issue due to the cost of paper production, they can have an unlimited number of pages.  That can mean more opportunities for writers and photographers too, as there will be more spaces in the publications.

I also imagine that mail carriers will have less of a load to be delivered to homes!  Uh oh!  There goes the continually changing landscape of the post office industry!

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