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Jason Clay, vice-president of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), presents brilliant strategic plans to convince mega corporations to go sustainable. He identified the top 15 commodities that pose the biggest threats to the places that have the top biodiversity because of deforestation, water use, over-fishing, soil loss, and pesticide use. Then he identified the top 100 […]

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New York Times posted an in-depth article about whether owning materials or experience makes us happier. The writer went in depth about how recession impacted people’s spending habits on materials, and without any doubts, recession sure did impact people greatly.  Moreover, there were statements about how people spending money on experience such as traveling, going […]

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Today, the writer of an article on Huffington Post, I Shop Therefore I Am: Can Objects Make Us Happy? explores how materials influence our feelings.  The biggest point the writer made is that objects are not merely served to be functional, but also to give us sentiments.  Dylan Kendall, the writer, provides a good example […]

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Corporate social responsibility, believe or not, helps gain sales.  Whirlpool is a prime example of a company that made invaluable contributions to the society and as a result, the company gained sales. Whirlpool collaborated with Habitat for Humanity to give $34 million and 73,000 refrigerators, ranges, household items to 36,000 homes in 1999.  They launched […]

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The author of Life Inc. Douglas Rushkoff, speaks in a video about how our life is tremendously affected by money, corporations, and materialism.  The video is a summary version of his book, Life Inc.  As always, Rushkoff puts his words in my mouth, as I can share my sentiments regarding his concerns about how corporations […]