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Several weeks ago, I featured Taylor Glen’s photography work, which depicts a factory that we should hold in high regard because of the place being clean and the workers leading fulfilling lives.  Glen was very generous to take the time to interview for this blog so that the readers and I can learn the deeper […]

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Jason Clay, vice-president of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), presents brilliant strategic plans to convince mega corporations to go sustainable. He identified the top 15 commodities that pose the biggest threats to the places that have the top biodiversity because of deforestation, water use, over-fishing, soil loss, and pesticide use. Then he identified the top 100 […]

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While many factories in China such as those in Manufactured Landscape appear to be in heartbreaking conditions, there is at least one that we can admire.  The factory for Mandarin Green Plastics Co. in China is pristine, according to Taylor Glenn‘s photography project called Far Chang.  Glenn was invited to observe the lifestyle of those […]

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What is American power? American power truly influences the world.  When I travel abroad and stay with host families, I’ve found them watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, Desperate Housewives and the OC on television and listening to music by Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Lopez.  They are fascinated by our cultural youth activities […]

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A Brazilian artist, Luiz Coelho, created a marvelous painting series to create awareness of what goes on behind the materials we own and voice the concerns of the factory life in China.  The bloodstain on items speaks for itself in the images of his paintings. Coelho’s work serves as an example of how artists like […]