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Obsessive Consumption depicts an illustrious narration of drawings by Kate Bingaman-Burt who tells the story of her consuming products on day-to-day basis.  A 3.50-dollar calculator, a Scotch tape and dispenser, 99-cents fake mustaches, a six-pack of energy saving light bulbs, a wireless mouse from Apple, a Clorox spray, and a black diamond plastic ring are […]

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Anthropological field work is not always about digging up dirt and studying objects from thousands of years ago.  The Comfort of Things by Daniel Miller takes the reader on a journey to examining objects of today’s world from homes of people in London.  As I read this non-fiction literature, I felt as if I was […]

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“They say you can’t judge by its book cover, but that doesn’t mean a good book cover doesn’t have something to say.” – Photo caption on CNN While we certainly should not determine if the story will be good or not if we judge by the book cover, the book cover and the title are […]

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How do we define happiness?  Believe or not, the definition of happiness varies from one country to another country.  Qataris from the Middle East believe that money is the gateway to true happiness where they go for elite first class on planes where they expect to be treated like kings and queens.  Swiss believe that […]