Glee Welcomes an Exchange Student from Ireland!

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AFS-Hosting, a student exchange organization, asks on Facebook, Did you watch Glee this week? What was your favorite part involving Rory, the new exchange student, and did it seem realistic?

I’m not going to deny that I that love Glee to death.  Rory is a great new addition and is indeed magical as his voice couldn’t be anymore stunning!  But being green?  I’m sorry, but Irish people don’t wear green every day, and Rory wearing a green shirt was a rather stereotypical view of Irish people.  However, it was a fun way to show on a TV show that he was being represented as an exchange student from Ireland and was someone who was thought to be a leprechaun.

As someone who has been an exchange student, the experience of arriving in a new country and learning to live in a new culture can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.  Locals either get excited about meeting a foreigner and want to become fast friends, or they can be as ignorant as they can be when meeting a foreigner.  Fortunately, I had nothing but positive experiences as an exchange student as I would meet too many people wanting to become friends with me, and I would become overwhelmed by having to keep up with them all!  On the other hand, I have heard stories from friends who were exchange students who had bad experiences where they were treated horribly by their host families and other people in their communities.

Rory seems to be experiencing both of the worlds.  While some students at William McKinely High School were bullying him, he was fortunate not only to have a hot blonde chick adore him, but also to have a man with a good heart, Finn, lend him a hand.

When one foreign student comes to a strange land and is overwhelmed by the unfamiliar environment, which includes the home of the host family, school, and the whole community, and not knowing anyone, the first thing a foreign student needs is a person who is not only a friend, but also a mentor who can help the foreign student learn the ropes of living in a new place.  I couldn’t be any more proud of Finn because he was the first one to stand up for Rory and brought him to a place where he could not only meet more new friends, but also show off his talents and enjoy doing something he loves, which is singing.  So, I hope that as a result of Finn assisting Rory, new doors will open for him and bring in positive experiences.

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